Articles by Martin Swig

Articles written by Martin Swig

Martin wrote many car related articles.
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Nob Hill Gazette
• David Swig took over from his dad writing the monthly Nob Hill Gazette column…
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September 2012: Sales Boom For $100,000-Plus Cars
July 2012A Personal View Of Nissan
June 2012: A New Car Sampler
May 2012:  You’ve Got To Research And Test Drive
April 2012: “Drive, He Said”
March 2012: The Other Side
February 2012: Sporty Coupes, New And Vintage
January 2012: The 2012 New Car Scene

Senior Magazine
April 2012: The California Mille 2012

Sports Car Digest
• June 2012: Subaru: Milestone Cars?
April 2012: Collector Cars as Investments
• January 2012: The Anti-Football Run is finally winning


Nob Hill Gazette
December 2011: Two Of The Best
November 2011: The Quail
October 2011: Design Winners And Losers
September 2011: Upsetting The Establishment
August 2011: Car Guys Versus Bean Counters
July 2011: A New Star Is Born
June 2011: Collector Cars Broke Their Makers
May 2011: Choice, At $65,000

Sports Car Digest
December 2011: The New Car Scene from the L.A. Show
November 2011: Art Center Car Classic
November 2011: Mille Miglia North America Tribute
July 2011: Car Biz – The Puzzles Facing the Car IndustryOil Prices and Consumer Biases
June 2011: Toyota Under Fire – Jeffrey K. Liker and Timothy W. Ogden
June 2011: Car Guys vs. Bean Counters – Bob Lutz
May 2011: Limited Usefulness of Supercars
April 2011: Art Center Monterey
April 2011: Cadillac – Don’t Call it “Standard of the World”
April 2011: Podium For Sale
March 2011: New Car Test Day at Laguna Seca


Nob Hill Gazette
October 2010: Fast & Fabulous
September 2010: Great Gatsby Revived
August 2010: Fashion, Fines & Detroit
July 2010: Timeless Autos
June 2010: Artistic Autos & Thinking Small
May 2010: Lively Lemons & Misleading Mishaps
April 2010: Historic Cars Return To SF
March 2010: The Other Twenty-Three Percent
February 2010: Toyota/Lexus Still Setting The Pace
January 2010: Can’t Afford A Lexus? Buy A Rolls-Royce


Nob Hill Gazette
December 2009: Winners Of 2009
November 2009: Lasting Logos & Prime Picks
October 2009: Ain’t Life Tweet?
October 2009: Dream Cars
September 2009: Fresh Ideas
August 2009: Beer, Booze, Bait & Bullets
July 2009: Obama’s Edsel
June 2009: And The Winners Are…
May 2009: Showstoppers & Red Lights
April 2009: The French Connection & Cruising California
March 2009: It’s Not Only Fuel Mileage