Behind the Wheel

David Swig, Director

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Howard Swig, Director

Howard is a Bay Area native and lifelong car enthusiast. Like his brother, what started out as a hobby and automotive passion turned into a career. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he took a job in the Technical Department at Car and Driver magazine. From there he entered the new car retail business at buying/leasing broker Cartelligent. More recently, he shifted his focus to vintage cars at the enthusiast website and marketplace Bring a Trailer.

Howard is an active racer, competing in the Spec Miata series with NASA and SCCA at tracks around California. He is a supporter of the vintage racing community, campaigning the likes of prewar Chryslers, postwar Fiats, and even a Mercury Comet!

Dan Radowicz, Organizer

A Bay Area resident for many years, Dan is a transplant from Detroit via L.A. Born into a car-crazy family, he was doomed to be a gearhead and embraced his destiny early in life.

A graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Dan wisely switched from a major in Transportation Design to Graphics/Advertising once he realized he would miss the beautiful girls, scenery and weather of California, if he pursued a design career with one of the Big Three in Detroit.

An avid hot-rodder and vintage racer, he has always tried to drive, collect, restore, and race cars that appeal to his desire to go fast – regardless of budget.

Ron Wren, Sponsorship & PR

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